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Message from the National Program Office (NPO)

Since much of the country is in a deep freeze and you may be having unexpected downtime, we hope it's a good time to suggest that you update your profile on  At the NPO, we are frequently asked to recommend contacts among alumni and Fellows for particular jobs, media interviews, boards, or speeches.  Others, including Robert Wood Johnson Foundation staff, search our website directly for a relevant contact, and then report their frustration to us in finding outdated information.  This network, the image of you it portrays, and the information it shares about you is only as vibrant and effective as you make it.  Part of the branding of the ENF program is to provide high quality, up-to-date information to the various stakeholders of the program. As an ENF community, if we don't live up to our brand promise, we will face credibility challenges in the future.  Please make a priority to ensure your information is accurate and current. 

2014 represents our first full year of having three cohorts of Fellows.  In late January members of the 2013 cohort had their first opportunity to meet and interact with the 2012 cohort.  We were in Colorado Springs and had the pleasure of welcoming six external consultants on the topic of exerting leadership in legislative, regulatory, political and policy-making activities: Susan Birch (ENF '02), Peter Buerhaus, Shirley Chater (founding NAC Chair), Patricia Montoya (current NAC member), Judy Murphy, and Cheri Rinehart (ENF '04).

We're delighted to share with you that we received 109 applications for the 2014 cohort – the exact same number of applications as last year!  The review process is underway, and we thank you, as always, for your support in recommending outstanding senior leaders for future colleagueship in ENF.

We're looking forward to the ENF Alumni Event in Dallas in mid-February and the late February meeting of the 2011 Cohort in Boston.  May all our travels be unimpeded by weather!

Linda, Dave, and Andi