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Message from the National Program Office (NPO)

Greetings everyone,
We couldn't have had a better September than we did last month! September 2014 represented the first and (due to program closing) only time when we were involved with four cohorts of Executive Nurse Fellows at once. The intensity of the week in Greensboro was unparalleled as we welcomed the 2014 Cohort and graduated the 2011's. The 2014's are a stellar final cohort. They pitched into the intense personal learning of that first week, with humor, tears, energy, and peer support. I'm sure they were exhausted by Friday evening when the 2011's were introduced during graduation events, but it was hard not to be revived by the celebratory atmosphere, the accomplishments of the graduates, and beautiful venue for the event. At our final "Key Leadership Challenge" day, we heard wonderful presentations from our former (and founding) NAC Chair Shirley Chater, four current National Advisory Committee members – Brian Coyne, Paul Gam, J Taylor Harden, and Mary Evans Sias and one of us (Dave). The 2011's dove in to coach the 2014's on their challenges – not presenting this time! It was a valuable experience for everyone. 

The final session with the 2011's was poignant for all of us in the NPO and for the Fellows – now Alumni – themselves. It's been an immense privilege to work with them for three full years and bear witness to all the personal, professional, and peer group changes they have experienced. Thank you – each of you – for your tangible gifts to us, but most of all for the relationships we have that will extend into the future. 

Representatives of the 2012 and 2013 cohorts joined us for graduation events, and we look forward to seeing them at their sessions in January and February respectively. For now, they are actively engaged in their individual (2012's) or action learning (2013's) projects. We were also joined by the ENF Alumni Association Board at the graduation events in Greensboro. 

In this time of great health concerns related to Ebola, our thoughts, in particular, are with 2012 Fellows Sheila Davis (Director of the Ebola Response for Partners in Health, currently in Liberia) and Cole Edmundson (CNO/VP for Patient Services at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital). We wish them strength as they shoulder such challenging leadership issues, and we hope everyone associated with ENF stays safe through this fall and the holidays to come.

Linda Cronenwett and
David Altman