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Message from the National Program Office (NPO)

Greensboro was extra warm (okay hot) this June, so it was hard to enjoy the lovely courtyard at the O. Henry Hotel, but a few brave Fellows managed to do so. June Gunter and her colleagues cooled the 2014 cohort down in a (okay slightly) air conditioned room for the discussion portions of the Teaching Horse afternoon. The equine faculty were asked to work with only one group of Fellows each, so they had some respite as well. Most of the June sessions were indoors, however, and we were grateful. The 2013 Fellows celebrated the completion of their action learning projects, including fishbowl presentations and visual recordings of their incredible accomplishments. This was the last session where will have two cohorts together, and table conversations were lively. The external consultants who joined us for sessions on "leading through change and transition" and "exerting leadership on boards and expert panels" were Marilyn Chow (founding ENF program director), Tara Cortes (ENF alum), Ramon Lavendero, Kimberly McNally, Donna Thompson (ENF alum), and Julie Willems Van Dijk (ENF alum).

The 2014 action learning teams are up and running, and NPO faculty met with each of the 2013's to discuss their plans for individual learning projects in the upcoming year. Now we turn to the poignant joy of planning 2012 graduation events. They've chosen to be in Greensboro – with graduation to take place on in the lovely rooms of the Proximity Hotel on September 18th– though they'll stay (and have high tea) at the O. Henry for their last program events before becoming ENF alumni.

We're proud that CCL has become the NPO for the RWJF Public Health Leaders program. Lynn Fick-Cooper is the director, with help from many others, including most importantly Andi Williams, who now serves as Deputy Director of two senior nurse leadership development programs. Joy Reed (ENF alum) provides nursing leader support for this important initiative and Shirley Orr (ENF alum) and Julie Willems Van Dijk (ENF alum) serve on the NAC.

It's time for the annual reminder to update your profile on my.executivenursefellows. org. If you need to have your password reset or can't remember your sign in information, please contact Andi Williams at We continue to be contacted regularly by RWJF and others to identify people with specific expertise for media opportunities, meeting speakers, and nominations for board service. It is helpful if we have the most up-to-date information in your profile. As a reminder, you can also upload your CV to your profile.

May you have a wonderful summer of respite and productivity, whatever form that takes in your lives.

Best regards from your NPO,
Linda Cronenwett, David Altman, and Andi Williams