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Message from the National Program Office (NPO)

Even as the last vestiges of winter have a grip on our area of the country, we are delighted to report that the weather did not impede our collective travels over the last month. The 2013 and 2014 cohorts made it successfully in and out of Colorado Springs for the January session. The Garden of the Gods hike was a success, and one day the sun was so warm, we even ended up eating on the outside decks of the CCL Campus. External consultants who joined us to talk about leadership within the profession were Kathy Apple (ENF '06), Anne Hughes, Diana Mason, Angela McBride, Roy Simpson, and Antonia Villarruel. 

The idea of going to Boston in February with the 2012 cohort was a bit daunting, given that city's record snowfalls, transportation limitations, and days out of work. But, once again, luck was with us and everyone arrived and departed safely, even enjoying some sun in the midst of the cold. The experts at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Continuum all showed up as well, as we collectively pushed the boundaries of our thinking about innovation, creativity, and health care improvement.

While Dave, Linda, and Val were in Boston, Andi was in Tucson with the ENF Alumni Board and 72 ENFs. The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to network with other Fellows and focus on reflection, resiliency, and renewal.

We wish it were possible to fully share the power of our experiences with the three current ENF cohorts and ENF alums. The growth, the new adventures, the courage and camaraderie that each shares within and across cohorts is profoundly moving. What each is doing for our profession – and our world – is proof of the wise investment made in senior nursing leaders by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Best regards – and may you enjoy each new sign of spring in your corner of the world, Linda and Dave