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"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood," Chicago Architect, Daniel Burnham as cited in DC on the Federal Triangle Project.

Indeed we have big plans!

September 2015 was a landmark month for the Executive Nurse Fellows Alumni Association as we welcomed the 2012 cohort into our alumni activities. The ENF Board met in strategic and operational planning to formulate and execute the process for transforming ENF Alumni Organization into a co-created Culture of Health Action group comprised of the 10 concluding RWJF human capital alumni and anticipated Advancing Change Leaders Projects (ACL) NPOs (announcement can be found here). The BIG PICTURE, as you recall, is to support the RWJF Culture of Health enterprise effectiveness through the synergy and continuing development of human capital alumni along with the emergent alumni being developed in the new ACL programs!

Our vision, which you as members approved in Spring 2015, is to develop a new organization (i.e., federation) of human capital program alumni, future RWJF Culture of Health graduates, national associations, and other multi-sectorial partners in order to leverage the power of this new network to provide the intellectual, financial and organizational structure toward advancing a Culture of Health. Many of you agreed to join the ENF Strategic Planning committee to catalyze this effort and you are making a difference in our approach and progress. To that end we are currently organizing a small meeting with representatives from other closing Human Capital programs to begin to co-create this new entity in February 2016, prior to the ENF Annual Meeting in Amelia Island. Because the theme of the Annual ENF Alumni Meeting in Amelia Island is TRANSITIONS, the nature of our work with the co-creators is perfectly aligned to navigate the landmines of transitions.

Last spring we asked for broad participation from you in the work of the ENF organization and I am happy to report that we now have over 65 members engaged in committee work to meet the needs and goals of our future. Your thought leadership and participation has enriched and extended our progressive timeline for activities and we would not be the same without you! 

Once again you have the opportunity to add value as you consider adding your name to the slate of officers being elected in Spring of 2016. Positions for election include: treasurer and directors at large. Please contact Andi Williams if you are interested in running ( If you have a passion for creating the future of an entity during transition, this opportunity is for YOU! After all, this is what we have been prepared to do!

I would like to alert you to two important calendar events. First, the new membership year begins January 2016. But new and renewal 2016 membership is NOW OPEN at this link. Please renew early and invite a non member to join so we can demonstrate the numerical power of our ENF Alumni Association as we communicate with the Foundation going forward. It will take less than 3 minutes to complete. Early 2016 renewals before December 31, 2015, for the 2016 membership year, will be entered into a drawing for educational prizes to be awarded at the Annual meeting (you need not be present to win, but why would you want to miss this meeting?). Second, you can register now for the ENF Alumni Annual Meeting at the Omni Resort in Amelia Island, Florida, February 22 – 24 (arrive 2/21). As we anticipate another cold winter you can plan to rejuvenate your mind, body, friendships, and networking there. Register here by December 1, 2015. You must be a 2016 member to register for the 2016 meeting at this inexpensive rate so why not take both actions simultaneously today- it is like getting two for the price of one! 

Finally, I want to personally thank the board and members who have sought continued engagement in our work (see photo on page 6). Transforming an organization is not for the faint of heart as it demands a tolerance for risk and learning from failures while we provide a constancy of vision and purpose to retain the value of the ENF Alumni Association during transition. We are living proof of the power of a purposefully developed strategic workforce of leaders envisioned by the RWJF Human Capital programming over 15 years ago who are now anticipating our next wave of impact to create a Culture of Health movement through our local, state and national work. See you on Amelia Island!

Ann H Cary, PhD MPH RN FNAP, President ENF Alumni Association